Stomach Bug Advice

I woke up in the chilled night with the stomach bug. My first thought was that I was thankful for the timing. Last week I was traveling and next week I’m speaking. So I stretched out on the bathroom floor and was thankful, drenched with tears and sweat, for the timing. 

Then I did nothing. Nothing. I sipped water and Gatorade all day and took strange, feverish naps.
I texted people to gather my children and keep them until my husband arrived. I canceled class, thankful that it was a peer editing day and not a lecture day. 
That’s all you can do. Cancel everything and thank God that this might have been another day–on a plane or a stage. 
This time around, I’m less dramatic and more thankful. I’m in bed thankful for a quiet home, a warm bed, and friends. 
Good night!

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