As You Go

I’m learning new things in new roles. When I’m in new situations, or when I’m asked to serve in new roles, I often say, “I haven’t done this before. I don’t think I’m the best person for this.”

Because I haven’t learned how to do something, I don’t try. Isn’t this ridiculous? How will I learn if I don’t try it?
Recently, I served in an emcee speaking role that involved tons of organization and management of people and details. I kept telling people I didn’t know how to do this! Don’t make me do this!
I got up on stage, and I did it. It wasn’t perfect, and one night I forgot everything and messed up the schedule. I learned so much from this night about myself and strategies on stage for handling this. 
I learned how to do this role, and just last week, I didn’t. That’s why living with flair means trying on new roles we know nothing about. That’s how we learn. 

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