“We know how to spend time together.”

Today a younger couple came to our home after church and brought lunch for everybody. After trying unsuccessfully to set up a date night or mid-week lunches, the couple joked that they knew an irresistible way to spend time together.

“We’ll show up, and you don’t have to do anything,” they had said. “And you have to eat lunch, right?”
That statement was balm to my tired mother’s soul. I wanted to spend time with them, but they were right that arranging a night out or a work week lunch felt overwhelming. Shopping and cooking a nice meal for friends felt overwhelming. Everything felt overwhelming. 
But when this couple showed up at the door with a whole spread–including an appetizer and dessert–nothing felt overwhelming. I felt so loved and peaceful. 
We had the best time. No babysitters, no cooking or cleaning, no juggling schedules–it was perfect.
I wish I had thought to bless older couples with children in this way when I was younger. This couple said, “We will fit into your schedule however we can!” 
This attitude felt so selfless and loving.
They took care of us as a couple and as parents who just had a lot going on, and they didn’t make me feel bad about all the ways I was too tired to give or reach out. 
This has been a truly blessed and delicious Sabbath.

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