Special Delivery

My daughter badly fractured her big toe! A plate fell on it. It’s so painful! It will heal in time, but no walking to school or any kind of fun winter activity. 

When my Wise Big Sister hears the news, she places an order with Insomnia Cookies for an immediate delivery of fresh-baked cookies (delivered right to the door in a box–warm and gooey).

My sister lives so far away, but whenever she hears that one of her nieces needs anything, she sets up some kind of special delivery.
When your holiday feels ruined by a fractured toe, a delivery of homemade cookies soothes the soul. You feel special and chosen and loved and seen. 
I’m thankful for doctors, sisters, cookies, and daughters who feel loved by them all. My daughter says through her tears, “God really does care about my toe.”
And if the evidence of that care comes in the form of warm white chocolate cranberry cookies, we’ll take it. 

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2 thoughts on “Special Delivery

  1. I'm so very sorry about the broken toe. Heal well, little one.
    I had no idea about Insomnia Cookies; what a great idea! I passed the info along to family who live in Ithaca.

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