Go Forth!

This morning I remember Isaiah 55:12:

“You will go out in joy 
and be led forth in peace; 
the mountains and the hills 
will burst into song before you
and all the trees of the fields 
will clap their hands.” 

Some days I feel like this; the whole world bursts into song. I see signs and symbols–in the mountains and the trees, the icy winter sky and the snowflakes– that a great God has touched this creation, leaving traces of His nature. I go out with joy in my heart and feel led forth in peace on these kinds of days.

On these days, I remember my status as a child of God, seated securely. I remember that God pronounces peace and joy over me. I begin with the truth of it and let it burst over me, clapping till I’m giving it my full attention.

I go forth into it.


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