You Cannot Measure This (The Next Extraordinary Piece of Art)

Do you remember how in November 2012, Ted Cantrell, the Texan Artist, sent our family the Most Extraordinary Piece of Art that symbolized how we make beauty from pain and find worth in the most ugly thing? Click that link to be encouraged beyond measure. That piece was called, “Love will Find a Way.” Maybe you needed to hear that today. Maybe you needed to know that a piece of wood incorporated something painful and destructive right into its heart like you’ve had to.

Well, the Texan Artist has blessed us again with an original piece of art entitled, “The Full Measure of His Love.” He’s made it from discarded yardsticks from our home state of Pennsylvania. The yardsticks come from the year my husband was born.

It’s amazing. I love how it smells. I love how it feels. I love how nobody wanted these old wooded yardsticks, but the Artist did. I love how the Artist knows how to make beautiful meaning out of them.

I love how the Artist knows how to cut and arrange until the cross appears.

I love that, no matter what kind of day I’m having, I walk through my kitchen door and see the full measure of Jesus’ love. In case I forgot, in case I feel unloved, and in case I feel discarded, I see that bright yellow cross made from yardsticks.

I know that God is cutting and arranging me–this old life–until people can see the cross in it. I know that everything that happens to me is filtered through this love that I cannot measure.


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