Today: Three Notes

Today, I loved the smell of the autumn leaves and the warm, misty wind that swirled the leaves against a dark, ominous sky. It’s an earthy, crackly kind of smell.

I loved kneading buttermilk yeast rolls for our dinner and peeking under the green dish cloth to confirm that the dough rose in that great puff of warm, yeasty aroma. It’s a milky, floured smell. No matter how many times I remind myself that the dough will rise, I never quite believe it’s going to happen until it does. I have to peek. 
I loved that my daughter announced a connection with students from Saudi Arabia who only speak Arabic and sit across from her. Today, the two students sang “Let it Go” from Frozen in Arabic, and my daughter knew exactly what they meant. She loved that moment. 
Three little things: leaves, rolls, and singing. They all rise up, in their own ways, and bless. 

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