The 2 Things that Made it Great

Once someone asked me to visualize a great day as a mom. What two things would mean it was a great day? What two things would have happened?

She asked me not to overthink it but to just blurt out the first two specific actions that came to mind.

I loved this question because it felt manageable and specific. I couldn’t do everything, but I could do two things. And I couldn’t just say, “Connected with my children,” but I had to say how. 

The first two things escaping from my unsuspecting mouth were two words I never thought I’d say:

Baking something and creating something together, like a craft. Baking and crafts! Imagine! Me!

It’s true. This is what I’ve become:

On the days I’ve loved the most with my children, we created something together, and we also baked something together. I think another mom might answer the question differently; it might be playing a game, building something, having a conversation, shopping, or any other kind of activity, but for me, baking and crafts always make the day great somehow.

It’s a great question to ask in general. On the best days, what was happening? What were you doing? Don’t worry about interpreting the why, just let your mouth blurt out something true and uniquely you.

Then do those things over and over again to string a jeweled necklace of beautiful days.


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