Go Paint the Acorns: Our Favorite Autumn Craft

As soon as the acorns fall on the pathway to school we gather them up in our bowl to paint them. It’s year three of this craft, and this year, we have even more fun. A friend joins us, and even the middle school daughter pauses to paint.


A Super Cool and Easy Autumn Craft (Even I Loved It)

My youngest wants to collect acorns and decorate them.

“With what?” I ask, remembering in horror the glitter and glue and shreds of various materials involved in that unknown territory called “Crafts.”

“We’ll use all our nail polish!”

“OK,” I say. This might not be such a bad idea. This might actually be a great idea.

As I begin, I realize that these little painted acorns are beautiful. All my old nail polish bottles–the ones I nearly tossed in the garbage–make for a fun craft that will keep for years. My daughter picks out a glass bowl to display her acorns in, and I must admit, they add some whimsy to the room.

We hold them by their caps to paint them. Then we dry them on wax paper. 

As I paint acorns, I realize I’m more relaxed than I have been all week. We’re talking and listening to music. We’re complimenting one another for our color choices and just being together.

I’m slowly starting to change my mind about crafts. There’s nothing better than just sitting, talking, and creating something beautiful just because it’s fun. 


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