5 Words for Today

Do you remember the power of the One Word Reminder for children? The one word houses an entire narrative. Saying the word “shoes” or “bed” or “teeth” alerts a child to what she needs to do and saves you from an entire monologue. When I applied the One Word Reminder to myself in 2010, I used words like “flair” and “gentle” and “Jesus” throughout my entire day to call forth larger truths and larger intentions.

As October begins, I reread Psalm 1-5 and find One Word Reminders that call forth the larger truth today. 

In order from Psalm 1-5, I chose meditate, refuge, shield, joy, and lead. It’s a way to help my memorization and to keep my heart at peace.

Those who meditate on the law bear fruit; those who take refuge in God are blessed; God is a shield who bestows glory; God’s joy is better than anything else; and God leads us on straight paths.

I walk to school, drive to campus, make dinner, and tuck the children in with the five words dancing inside of my mind. Meditate. Refuge. Shield. Joy. Lead.

Meditate. Refuge. Shield. Joy. Lead. 

Tomorrow, I’ll find five more. Reading the Bible for a single key word helps keep it inside me all day.


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