Today I remember the blessing of childhood and the lightheartedness of it. Lighthearted means “cheerful and free from care.” 

I think about the little children in my home–even though one is almost a teenager!–and I feel we’ve all been more serious and work-minded than cheerful and carefree. We have our lists and our activities, our obligations and our chores.
It doesn’t feel lighthearted. 
So I go back to childhood:
It’s a day for ice cream and games! It’s time for laughter and freedom. Go play! Worry over nothing! I will finish the laundry and the baking, the tidying and the dusting. You, dear child, must go be a child. 
I suddenly recall Jesus reminding us to be like little children. We are lighthearted because he handles everything. You, dear child, must go be a child.


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