Healing from Your Future

Today I seek help for how much I’m dwelling on future catastrophes that haven’t even happened yet. I’m worried that my children will get in accidents and perish. I’m imagining scenarios about my future life and finding myself filled with fear, sorrow, and anxiety for events that have not even happened. 

It’s interesting to note that I’ve spent so many years in therapeutic settings in order to heal from the past and to stop dwelling on the past. In fact, I hardly ever think of the past. I don’t ruminate, live in shame or regret, or pine for lost things. Praise God! I’m healed from my past!

However, I have yet to heal from my imagined future.

The two wise mentors I find today both say the exact same thing: “Heather, God has not asked you to endure the thing you are imagining. If this thing happens, He will give you the grace you need at that moment. Otherwise, take your thoughts captive and live in the present moment with the grace Jesus offers in that moment.”

It’s so hard! It’s so strange to remember the beautiful present instead of living out of the past or the future. Today, I heal a bit more from my future. I ask God to strengthen me to do this, to release my tight grip, and to govern my mind’s dark wandering.


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