“They were small cookies, and we’ll walk faster tomorrow.”

I deeply appreciate my walking partner because of her approach to my failures. I text her to tell her I’ve sabatoged my workout by feasting on cookies. 

She immediately responds: “They were small cookies, and we’ll just walk faster tomorrow.”
Friends who minimize problems and failures and look ahead to a successful future are wonderful! 
I want to make a t-shirt about small cookies and just walking faster tomorrow. 

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One thought on ““They were small cookies, and we’ll walk faster tomorrow.”

  1. I particularly enjoy how these last two posts are juxtaposed: a cookie recipe, and a confession about eating too many cookies. I hear you! In our house, we've been baking end-of-summer treats from our garden. (This week it's been zucchini bread and a raspberry pie.)
    I'll just walk faster tomorrow, too. Tell your walking partner “thanks” for her wise statement. 🙂

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