The Path Will Follow You

I am having so much fun compiling all my favorite little devotionals from these past five years. I wanted to thank those of you have emailed from all over the world to encourage me in my writing. I’m just so thankful and my heart is full of love for you!

I’m sitting with December 2012 this morning, and I find this blog that brings tears to my eyes. It’s because it’s true. It’s because it’s right. I realize that we have to get going today and see how God leads. It’s the old wisdom that God parted the sea as they began to walk and not before.

Get going, my girl!

Friday, December 14, 2012

“Your Path is Following You”

I’m reading an advice column from E. Jean, and a reader asks her, “How can I find my passion?”

E. Jean responds, “Here’s the way: Run down as many paths–straight, winding, high, wide, narrow–as you can. Get going, my girl! Run! Fly! Try them all! Take them all! One day, you’ll look down and see that your path is following you.”

I’m reminded of that simple truth in scripture in Isaiah that promises this: “Whether you turn to the left or the right, you’ll find a voice behind you saying, ‘this is the way; walk in it’.” There’s something so true about the voice behind us, the path that follows us–whispering the way and reminding us what we’re made for.

There’s also the great advice to get going: Run! Fly! Try!

No matter what I do, God leaves those little breadcrumbs that, like in the fairytale, always lead home.

Did you find that your path followed you? I feel this way about writing and teaching. 


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