Some Pictures of Late Summer

On the walk to school, I remember the patterns of late summer. I recall other years of capturing photos of acorns. I love these green ones, fresh from the tree. I’m so excited for a new season. Come Autumn! Come quickly!

Right now, it just feels hot, muggy, and heavy. It’s overflowing, sticky, and almost too much. I miss this same path in the stark autumn, the bitter winter, and the hopeful spring. But late summer? It’s a jungle. 

But (of course), I know better. There’s something to glean here.

I examine a few treasures of this season of too much: a mushroom born from too wet conditions, for example.

I notice the spotted jungly feel of this mushroom and remember the same spotted pattern in the snapdragons:

I love the heat of the jungle in this little neighborhood today. I can take the heat of summer for a few more weeks. Wishing it away means I miss some treasures that only grow right here and right now.


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