“Smiling. Wagging Its Tail.”

I’m standing in a little gift shop in July 2011. I had forgotten this moment until this morning when I found this entry. In this gift shop, I lean over to look at all the journals (journals are some of my favorite things).  They each have a different poem written on the cover.  I read this:

“Then swing your window open, the one with the fresh air and good eastern light, and watch for wings, edges, new beginnings.”  ~~Monique Duval
Duval also wrote this: 
 “That’s the way it is with dreams. They scratch at your door. You see them through the peep hole: a stray dream looking for a home. You think it might go away if you ignore it. Wrong. It’s still there when you open the door, smiling. Wagging its tail.”
I love thinking of my desires and dreams for the future as a dog scratching at the door, smiling, and wagging her tail. You just can’t ignore that kind of dream. 
And if you’ve forgotten a dream, you open the window and watch “for wings, edges and new beginnings.” 

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