Every Day Was Your Best Day

My husband asks me if I remembered to back up my blog on my hard drive because I have 5 years worth of daily reflections on blogger.com. He tells me it would be so terrible to lose all that writing.

I do it as soon as I can get to my computer.

(If you haven’t saved your blog to your computer, do it now! Just go to Settings-Other-Export, and you can save it to your drive.)

As I talked with my husband about saving my blog, I thought, “Yes, I do want to save my blog. I want to do more than save my blog!” That got me thinking: I want to compile a “Best of Live with Flair: Volume One” of the last 5 years of writing. Sometimes folks ask me for a copy of my blog in book form, and I realize I could do this easily on createspace.com. 
My plan is to sift through 1800 entries and choose 300 hundred (or maybe 200) for a little devotion book. What do you think? Do you just love it? 
I do! Then I’d have copies for my daughters and extended family, too. 
So I sit down this afternoon to begin the work of compiling. I say, “Only the best, Heather. Only the best! Only choose the best days, the ones that meant the most, the ones that really mattered.”
I have to chop 1500 of these little days to make my compilation. 
You know where this is going.
I couldn’t do it! I reread March and April of 2010 and remembered each glorious day. I pictured just where I was and what I was thinking, and each day came back to me with such joy. 
Every one was the best day. Every one meant the most. Every one mattered too much to cut. 
I think my little blog project has worked after all: No matter what happens on any day–no matter how terrible, boring, disappointing, or wrong–it’s a beautiful, meaningful day. I wouldn’t take any day back. I wouldn’t cut one.
That’s living with flair. 
(However, I’m still going to try to make my devotional book of “best” blogs. I want to keep them in book form for my children. I’ll keep you posted.) 

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3 thoughts on “Every Day Was Your Best Day

  1. I love the idea! Funny, I often cut and paste something you've written that inspires me or touches me, and I put it in a word doc. I have so many of them – all MY favorites. It would be great to have them all in one book, instead of the many, many printed out pages I have that I swear I am going to organize one day :o)

  2. The stories of your little one eyed cat *have* to make the best of! Although I cannot imagine trying to prune this – how do you do that? How do you weight one day against the other? Each one has been full of joy and sorrow and learning and flair! You've taken on a challenging task!

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