Today’s the Day! (But They Were Supposed to Be Peach)

 Finally! They bloom! Today’s the day!

Roses! If you remember my little plants from last year:

Last Year’s Roses 

Now, they’ve grown and are actually vining up and blooming!

Climbing Roses on Homemade Trellis

However, I ordered peach colored roses. I just know I did. And besides, I’ve been imagining peach roses all winter.

Upon closer inspection and reflection, the pink are so lovely! My dream of having my English Cottage with Climbing Roses is coming true today, and the pink version is better than the peach one.

I’m learning to hold my dreams and visions loosely. God knows exactly what I’d love best of all.


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One thought on “Today’s the Day! (But They Were Supposed to Be Peach)

  1. That is THE lesson God keeps trying to get through to me – hold on loosely! Not to be so upset/disappointed/annoyed that things did not go as I planned. I'm not a quick learner though. Gotta remember: The Father Knows Best! Enjoy your gorgeous roses!!

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