Some Slow Pie and a Few Questions

In honor of living slow and more reflectively on this last day of school, my daughters and I harvest the berries and make a strawberry pie from scratch.

Well, actually, I made the pie. They relaxed.

I also let my parents in Virginia know that I was making the same strawberry pies we made after a weekend of picking berries at Parker’s Pick Your Own Berry Farm in Clinton, Maryland back when I was young.

It is slow; you’re picking, washing, making crust, boiling the filling, and waiting for a few hours for it to set. Here’s the recipe we used. 

In the meantime, we thought of a few reflective questions about our year:

1. Did you work your hardest? Give some examples.
2. Did you make a new friend or two? Tell us about that.
3. Were you a blessing to someone? When?

It’s a slow afternoon of talking, baking, and connecting to our land and our history. What a revolt against my normal frenzy of activity! What a change!


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