Today I make my first ever terrarium. Some friends gather to create these darling little gardens encased in various glass containers. My friend Bec teaches me all about succulents. I assume she means some fancy dessert, but no. Succulents are a special kind of plant that retains water in order to survive unfavorable seasons of dryness. Think cactus. Think aloe.

For my first terrarium, I choose hens-and-chicks and a panda plant as my succulents. I learn how to layer pebbles, activated charcoal (a natural filter and freshener), moss, potting mix, and whatever decorations I want (shells, pebbles, sand, etc.).

This is my kind of garden. You only need to lightly water a terrarium about once a month.

I keep my terrarium by my writing desk. I love what those succulents symbolize; like them, I want to store up all the beauty and truth I can, fattening myself up with joy, so I’m able to flourish in the driest season.

I also took all the supplies home to let my daughters build their own terrariums in little jars. I love this as a fun spring activity. Thank you to my friend, Bec, for teaching me!


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