The Hue You Gain

The Weeping Cherry sends forth bright red buds, and the House Finches descend.

Did you know that the male finch, with the bright red coloring, gains this hue by eating those red buds? The pigment from what he eats comes out in his feathers. Isn’t that so wonderful?

I take this photo through the screen (so it’s not clear), but I wanted you to see the connection between the bud coloring and the color of the feathers. I learn that if he ate more orange or yellow, I’d be seeing a different looking bird.

I marvel at the interconnectedness of the Weeping Cherry and the beauty of the bird. One feeds the other; one finds expression in the other.

What we feast upon–physically and spiritually– finds expression in us somehow. It’s colors us, excreting out. I remember this afresh today. I want to gain a vibrant, glorious, divine hue.


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2 thoughts on “The Hue You Gain

  1. How wonderful to learn this about the birds. And thank you for the meditation; I appreciate this perspective as I watch the birthing of vibrant color again in yards and surrounding lands.
    Do you know about the bird cams that the Cornell lab of ornithology sponsors? They have an albatross chick on camera!

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