I Might Even Wear My Jean Jacket

Tonight, I’ll attend my 6th (maybe 7th, I’ve lost count), S.L.A.M Fair at the elementary school down the street. This Science, Literature, Art, and Music (SLAM) event brings us all so much joy.

This is my fancy Friday night: elementary school experiments and performances, pizza, and ice-cream. I’ve actually texted friends to make sure they’ll be there, and they respond with a resounding, “Yes, we wouldn’t miss it!” You would think this was Vegas or an expensive concert. You would think this was a glamorous night out on the town.

It feels that way. I might even wear my jean jacket and lip gloss.

I love seeing families all together, celebrating children. I love the simple pleasures of eating my slice of pizza on a paper plate and roaming the exhibits with all the other neighbors. I love how the principal (the one who calls herself the Lead Learner and knows every single child’s name, all 500 of them) takes photos the whole evening.

I look back at my daughter’s SLAM fair contributions in past years. My favorite ones were the homemade butter experiments or when she distilled fragrance from flowers. The high school chemistry teacher asked her for her notes, and she beamed the whole evening.

I go back to the basics of living in a neighborhood, loving children, and celebrating learning. It’s a beautiful life here in Central Pennsylvania.


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