Be the Spoon

I read an illustration by Margaret Silf this morning about a beautiful potluck dinner she attended once. Imagine one particularly beautiful and delicious rice salad in a lovely crystal bowl that sits untouched by guests. While guests devour every other food item, nobody goes near the most delicious rice salad. At the end of the evening, it sits there, untouched and uneaten. So sad. Such a waste.


Nobody could find a spoon to serve it. 

Silf uses this story to talk about the glorious life in Christ we might experience if we only had the right tool to enjoy the feast that’s waiting for us. Christianity feels this way to so many people; they can’t get into the Promised Land because they’re missing a way to access it. They hover about it all, but they don’t know how to enjoy it. They need spoons.

Silf challenges us all to be the spoon to help make the things of God accessible to others.

Here. Let me serve this up to you. Enjoy this feast!


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