2 Statements by Children: Tired of Being Amazed and Tired of Excess

If you ask a child about what it means to be amazed lately, you’re bound to learn all about the cultural value of being amazed.

Everything’s about amazing them with technology, incredible stories, and non-stop feeds full of jaw-dropping photos and videos. It has to be amazing to rise to the top, to keep their attention, and to keep them interested consumers.

I hear a child say, “I’m tired of being amazed all the time by all this. I want to go back to being amazed by truly amazing things. Like God and how the Word became flesh. That’s amazing.”

I wonder if there’s an enemy Grand Distraction Plan in place to keep us so amazed we cease being amazed.

Likewise, if you ask a child about The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder, you’re bound to discuss happiness, thankfulness, and simplicity. I hear a child say, “I’d rather have the joy of that small thing than become a person with so many things she can’t even be thankful anymore. There’s too much around.”

I wonder if there’s an enemy Grand Excess Plan in place to keep us so full we cease being thankful.

The children among us are feeling it. I’m beginning to listen to them more and more.


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