The Pace You Keep Is Yours Alone

As I continue to live in a family and larger community, I realize the various pacing of my family members and friends. The energy levels, speed, capacity, and focus of all of us differ greatly.

We must accommodate and plan for our differences.

For example, the youngest in our family is up at 5:30 AM and has accomplished seven things already. On the weekend, she’ll have a sleepover, epic play dates, swimming, dance parties, and baking. At 8:00 PM, she’ll announce she’s ready for bed and promptly fall asleep.

The older one? It’s 4:00 PM, and she’s still in her pajamas. It’s all leisure and reading, thinking and lounging. She’s a little philosopher who wants to sit still, do one thing (maybe), and then think about this activity for the rest of the day. Don’t rush her. Don’t put her in the car to go places. She just wants to sit and think. Her sweet friend comes to visit, and they quietly bake lemon tarts together.

Others of us need lots of introverted time to tinker and strategize. Still others like to chat and drink coffee and write entire novels.

You can be yourself here–with your unique energy, speed, capacity, and focus. Living all together like this means we figure out ways to do this that don’t harm one another.

It’s fun to try to figure it out. I send the little one on her way with a bag packed for the day. The older one receives her quiet and space.

We’re still figuring it out. I’m learning that one way to love each other well is to appreciate and accommodate for all the different kinds of pacing.


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  1. I heard you speak at Restored and have been enjoying your blog since then. Your talks about being available and being seated with Christ (all seats provide equal viewing of the universe) were great. Thanks so much for sharing!

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