Fresh Woodpecker Nest Photo: Welcome Spring!

My friends on the walk to school point out the fresh woodpecker excavations in the pine tree. I research the habitat of the pileated woodpeckers in our region, and the description of the nest fits perfectly.

Pileated Woodpecker Nest

We’re so excited! We’ll keep our eye on this site and hope to find baby woodpeckers soon. Spring in Centre County rewards the neighborhood children with many nests and blooms. The walk to school educates us and fills us with wonder. Welcome Spring! We’ve missed you.

PS: In case you’re wondering (I was), the woodpecker makes many attempts to get the nest just right. That’s why you see so many holes. Each one might take a month to excavate, but if it’s not right, the woodpeckers try again until they feel happy with their site. It’s not a waste, however. The other holes make wonderful residences for. . . wait for it. . . OWLS! I can see owls!

Can this day get any better?


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