Bad food = bad mood

A wise, older mother taught me the importance of being a “predictably cheerful” mom.

I thought that was crazy at the time. Predictably cheerful?

First of all, who can predict cheerful?
Secondly, who can predict cheerful?

I want to be predictably cheerful. I don’t want to have the kind of home where everybody fears what kind of mood mom’s going to have today. I want to have children and a husband who rush home to find a cheerful woman who loves life and overflows with a kind of irresistible vibrance and joy.

Over these past few decades, I’ve learned some tricks for mood management that create a predictably cheerful mom. Yes, it’s a lot about sleep, exercise, spiritual disciplines, healthy relationships, and meaningful work. But after all these years, I’m learning the strong connection between food and mood.

I can do all those things I listed, but in one mouthful, I can sabotage all these efforts.

Have you learned this? Have you noticed any connection between a dip in mood and soft drinks, sugar,  or processed food? I have! I have! I wish it weren’t so, but it simply is. 

What can we do? 

Today, I reaffirm to my husband my “Predictably Cheerful Mom Eating Plan” that reinvigorates some healthy eating–not for weight loss or image (although nothing’s wrong with this)–but for MOOD!

Are ya with me?  Bad food = bad mood. I’m ready for some predictable cheerfulness.


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