The Letters You Write to Your Children

My oldest daughter turns twelve tomorrow. One of our presents to her is a special letter she can keep in her keepsake box.

In the birthday letter we talk about the following:

  • What we see most in her in terms of CHARACTER development
  • What we’ve observed about what she’s becoming an EXPERT in
  • All the ways we’ve seen her be BRAVE
  • Our favorite thing about her unique PERSONALITY 
  • Something she TEACHES the family 
I’m so happy with my letter to her that I consider writing a letter to myself. What’s happening with my character? Am I growing in competencies in certain areas? Was I brave this year? Is there something about me people love most? Am I teaching people things?
At the start of a new year, why not consider these questions? 
I’m seriously thinking about writing letters to my friends to encourage them, too. It just seems like a cool thing to do. We could reread them on the days we feel terrible. 
Meanwhile, Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet daughter. 

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