Working Out of Your Weaknesses

Let me confess how absolutely terrible I am at all things administrative. Things like posting grades, finishing recommendations, sending thank-you notes, responding promptly to email and texts, and all other kinds of office work drive me crazy.

I’m a big picture creative person. I’m awful at details. Are you like this? Help me!

I woke up this morning asking God to send me an assistant to do all this work. I’m an artist, people. I can’t possibly be expected to complete regular, everyday tasks in a timely manner!

I realize this about myself, so I resort to making little lists and rewarding myself with something like a fresh cup of coffee for everything I can check off the list.

I also know that not everybody gets the privilege of always working out of their strengths.

When God asks us to work out of our weaknesses, we know that the one who calls also enables. So I do have my Assistant this morning. I’m praying for the power and the ability to do what doesn’t come naturally to me.

That’s how you’ll know it wasn’t me at all.


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