What You Have to Accept Before Going Into It

Guess what? My kitchen is a disaster of food coloring and sprinkles, and I’m totally OK with it. After ten years of making Christmas Cookies with our favorite recipe ever, I know what to expect. I even blogged about it last year, so I know exactly what I’m getting into.

If you remember, I have pictures of the sprinkle explosion.  

All day, I keep thinking that it’s worth it. It’s worth it for so many reasons: family memories, laughter, tradition, yumminess, blessing neighbors with treats. . . Besides, I believe this is the Best Cookie Recipe Ever. It’s actually called, “The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies Recipe.” 

I accept the terms of this cookie making event. I think that’s a big part of living with flair; you learn to accept (and even celebrate) what’s going to happen as you go into certain stages.


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