Variation on a Theme: Three Kinds of Fudge

Today we made good old-fashioned Fantasy Fudge; this was the same kind my own mom made when I was a girl. We went nut-free, but traditionally, my mom added chopped walnuts.

We decide to make three kinds for little holiday gifts. We choose butterscotch with crumbles of a caramel candy bar, white chocolate with crushed peppermint, and traditional chocolate.

We use the recipe for Fantasy Fudge on the marshmallow fluff jar. For our variations, we just switch out the dark chocolate for whatever other morsels we wanted from the candy aisle. Since the fudge is so rich, we cut it into very small pieces once it cools.

We layer the fudge into bags and little boxes for treats to share.

I loved bringing an old tradition back. I loved our variations, too.


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