Not My Problem

I recently heard my husband describing an interview he heard with the late Bill Bright. When asked about some of the biggest problems he had faced in his life, Dr. Bright replied that he didn’t have any problems.

When the interviewer pressed him on it–surely Dr. Bright had problems!–the man insisted that he had no problems.

The interviewer kept asking him over and over again because he just couldn’t believe that a man’s life couldn’t have any problems.

At this, Dr. Bright explained that he didn’t say his life didn’t have problems. He said that they weren’t his problems. They were God’s problems. Bill said that he had no problems because he transferred ownership of his life to Jesus and therefore any problems were really God’s problems.

Bill Bright later restated that if his only concern is what the Master wants, then his life could be problem free.

Today, I throw my hands in the air with relief. This is not my problem. It’s God’s problem, and He can handle it. 


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