Force Quit

Today a PowerPoint application on my mac freezes. I’m relatively new to the world of Macintosh, so I can’t remember how to “force quit.” I know I can override an unresponsive app, I just have to remember. Thankfully, I discover on my outdated keyboard that it’s Ctrl, Alt, Esc. 

Problem solved.

I remember how just last night my husband reminded me of certain obligations and priorities. I’m sitting there, overwhelmed with last minute things, and he says, “Cancel this, reschedule that, and say no to this.”

Really? That’s OK? 

It was my force quit. It’s like I’d forgotten how to schedule myself. I’m spinning so hard, I’m becoming ineffective and unresponsive. It’s hindering everything else.

I think we need other people to give us permission to Force Quit sometimes.

Cancel, Reschedule, and No. 

It’s OK. People love you and won’t mind. They’d rather have you fully working than spinning in an unresponsive, frozen trance of exhaustion!


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