Your Little Pep Talk

A pep talk is a short speech or piece of writing intended to give others courage and enthusiasm to face the task ahead.

I didn’t realize how much I needed a pep talk until I read Catherynn Valente’s pep talk to writers who have signed up for the National Novel Writing Month challenge.

She tells me to “write close to the bone” and encourages me that any effort spent writing is never, ever wasted effort.

Yes. Yes! I feel courage! I’m enthused!

Every day, a new writing pep talk comes my way from various authors, and I simply need them. I love them. I didn’t know what life could be like with them.

Perhaps I need to give someone else a little pep talk today.

What you’re doing is great and bold and beautiful. Keep doing that thing, no matter what anyone says. We’re with you; you’re not alone. 


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