What I Love Most About Getting Older

Today I turn 38 years old! It’s been a great day. I realize that what makes this day so full of birthday flair: I know what I love and who I am. It’s taken a long time to get here.

I love being older and knowing that I love coffee, long stretches of writing with a candle lit, extravagant perfume, fuzzy slippers, and Thai food for dinner. I love that when someone asks, “What can I do for you?” I know the answer. I used to not know. I used to feel guilty if I expressed what I really wanted.

Early this morning, a friend texts and asks me for my exact coffee order–exactly what I want. I almost texted back, “I’ll take anything, you decide.” Why would I do this? No more! I know what I want! Why hold back ?

Now–this year especially–I know what I want. Today, I want time to write, beautiful scents around me and on me, comfortable shoes, and someone to make dinner.

I love today.


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5 thoughts on “What I Love Most About Getting Older

  1. Happy, happy birthday, Heather! I'm impressed you know what you want before turning 40–love that! You're ahead of most people in that regard, I'm sure. I hope your day has been wonderful and that this upcoming year will be simply splendiferous! Thank you for the gift of your day-brightening and food-for-thought posts; I enjoy each one.

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