Two Strange But Fun Expressions

Today my youngest asks me why people yell Shotgun! when they want to sit in the front passenger seat.

It’s because that seat was the armed defense of the messenger on a stagecoach. The person driving the horses needed protection, so the passenger held the shotgun to protect him. This, therefore, was the shotgun seat. So, yes, you can sit in the passenger seat if you’re prepared to be my armed defense.

Then, my youngest is making cupcakes and accidentally drops the glass bowl. It shatters all over the kitchen. My husband comes in to comfort her and says, “Well, you can’t have an omelet without breaking some eggs.”

Huh? He means that accidents happen on the way to cooking greatness, but something doesn’t sound right about that quote.

That’s because Robespierre said this before he launched the Reign of Terror. I go find my husband to clarify this for future accidents.

It’s still fun to say in the kitchen, though.



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