Is There More? Another Great Conversation Technique

This week, I learn another way to communicate well with others. When they share with me, I can simply ask, “Is there more?” They offer more. “Is there more?” They offer more. “Is there more?”

Keep asking until they have no more to say.

I try it on my youngest as she reports something interesting that happened in Math class.

“Is there more?”

Oh yes. She goes on and on with more.

“Is there more?”

Yes. There’s even more. 

“Is there more?”

Finally, she tilts her head up, looks at the ceiling for a moment and says, “Nope. That’s all.”

She’s emptied it all out. She’s verbalized all she needs to say about this.

My friend tries the same technique with me. I share a simple piece of information with her.

“Is there more?”

Well, yes. There is more.

There is more!

We listen well and let others verbalize what they need to share. That’s another way to love people well.


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