I’m So Glad We Took a Chance on Him

This morning, our little one-eyed cat had a blood clot and died. It’s a very sad day in our household.

I’m so glad we could love him all these years. I’m so glad we took a chance on a one-eyed cat with a broken tail. Jack taught our family to love wounded things. He was a great and spunky cat. Here’s my favorite blog about him from a few years ago. Thank you for reading about Jack. Click here for the original post with working links: http://livewithflair.blogspot.com/2011/03/sneaking-up-on-jack-i-caught-him-doing.html

Sneaking Up on Jack, I Caught Him Doing This:

Jack Basks in the Sun

He was basking.

My One-Eyed Cat, Jack, continues to teach me how to live with flair.  First he learned how to purr and taught me something about finding yourself again, even when you’ve been wounded.  Then, he let out his first meow, and I learned something about rediscovering my voice.  Then, despite those wounds,he began caring for other cats, and that showed me the power of serving others.

Then he started becoming fully alive, doing all the things that normal kitties do.  Next, he learned courage, standing up for himself and proclaiming what he loved and needed.

But then his scar started leaking, and it felt like were were starting over.  But Jack got better, and today, I find him basking in the sun.

That cat won’t leave the warm spot in the window.  He gazes up in the bright sunlight and lets himself become toasty warm.  As I watch Jack basking, I suddenly want to join him on the window ledge.  To bask meansto receive great pleasure from something.

Did I bask today?    I want to bask in the love of God.  Did God design us toderive great pleasure from knowing Him and enjoying creation?  Oh, the great pleasure of sleeping in a sun ray, eating fresh pineapple, teaching a boy to jump rope, finding a perfect verb, or listening to a cat purr.  What things exist in my life today that God places there from which I am toderive great pleasure?

Jack wants to know as well.


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18 thoughts on “I’m So Glad We Took a Chance on Him

  1. So sorry for you. We lost Smokie, our friend for fourteen years, last year. Our shy cat, Gracie, also 14 years, has kept Smokie

    alive by inheriting her habits of screaming for food and to go outside. We buried her outside under what we now call a 'Catwood Tree”. You and Jack blessed each other. How nice that you remember him on your site.

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