The Best Breakfast Ever

Lately (twice a week even), we have made the most delicious family breakfast. You must try this! Imagine children running, skidding around the corner. Imagine a spouse hovering in anticipation. Imagine family members having their breakfast wishes come true.

It’s crepes! We use Alton Brown’s All-Star Easy Crepes Recipe. You can whip this up the night before so the batter’s all ready for your 7:15 AM breakfast. I add a dash of vanilla and a teaspoon of sweetener.

The crepes take just a minute or two, so before we cook them, we arrange a Crepes Bar of both savory and sweet ingredients. We crumble bacon and scramble some eggs for the savory lovers; we pick fresh berries in the backyard and provide lemon juice and powdered sugar for the sweet lovers.

We’ve deemed Wednesday morning (when we need a joyous mid-week boost) and one weekend morning our Crepes Day.

I highly recommend this as the Best Breakfast Ever.


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