The 10 Glorious Verbs of Psalm 65

I read Psalm 65 as someone obsessed with verbs.

My students know my great love of verbs; they weasel “grapple with” and “fritter” into their papers because they know such verbs send me clapping.

So I’m reading Psalm 65, and I discover glorious verbs about God:

He answers us with awesome deeds of righteousness.
He brings us near.
He calls forth songs of joy.
He enriches us abundantly.
He drenches furrowed places.
He levels hardened ridges.
He softens.
He crowns.
He clothes.
He mantles.

Our God does things.

I ask for Him to answer; to bring me near; to call forth songs of joy within me; to enrich me; to drench any dry and withdrawn parts with His love; to level all my hardened spots; to soften me; to crown my year with bounty; to clothe me with gladness; to mantle me with fruitfulness and joy.

I love the pure verbs of God.


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