Put Your Records On

I share with my students (who were born the year I graduated from college) what it was like when I went to the record store to buy my very first album. 

It was Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and I played it over and over again on my record player. 
My life has a soundtrack, and I love telling my students about it. Mine of course, includes lots of music from the 80’s and early 90’s. I didn’t have headphones, by the way. Back then, we listened together more than privately. 
I love listening to music with people. My youngest and I danced in the kitchen to Bruce Springsteen’s Hungry Heart yesterday (the Italian Mama would approve). Right now, my oldest and I sing out the lyrics to Phillip Phillips Gone, Gone, Gone as loud as we can. 
A few days ago, a student asked if we might listen to Kanye West as we wrote in class. We did! Later, I suggested Jack Johnson or some contemplative piano music. Tomorrow, I might just play John Waite’s Missing You because it’s a great example of saying one thing and meaning another. 
Living with flair means filling my life with music and sharing in the musical tastes of my family and students. My husband–right this very minute–is digging out his college CDs for us to listen to again. It’s going to be U2 and Counting Crows. Actually, I know it’s going to be REM. He has every single one of their albums. 
We’ll put that record on just like old times. 

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2 thoughts on “Put Your Records On

  1. Last year we took our vast collection of vinyl to a re-sale store 🙂
    Cassettes and CDs sit in boxes and drawers…even the radio is silent. My world has gone quiet and I'm not sure why. I rather miss music now that you mention it.

    I was surprised to find myself humming while I waited in the grocery store the other day so maybe I still have music in me; I'll turn up the volume again!

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