One Step Ahead

Today I realize how important planning is to maintaining my sanity this fall semester. I learn from other moms how to stay at least one step ahead so any given day doesn’t feel so overwhelming.

This means meal planning and meal preparation on Saturday so the week goes smoothly (especially with nightly activities). I don’t do this well! Do you have tips for us?! I never imagined how busy life could get with a middle schooler!
I’m attempting to subdue this week before it takes the lead.
Today, I make chili and a casserole dish of Chicken Divan to freeze for our busiest days. Later, I chop veggies for quick salad preparation during the week.
Last week wiped me out. The days raced on ahead of me with me holding on for dear life. 
We actually aren’t even that busy, but by the end of the day I have no emotional or physical energy to cook.
Stay one day ahead. This way, I lead out and don’t trail behind the day.

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3 thoughts on “One Step Ahead

  1. I find that the crock-pot is my winter friend. I have a round one and freeze things in containers of slightly smaller size. Putting the frozen block into the pot in the morning ensures dinner or at least a great start on it on busy days. Might this help you too?

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