God Restores Lost Things

Lately, I’m realizing that God brings back things I’ve lost. He really does. Sometimes, I pray about things I miss from different seasons of my life. I miss my days working at Camp Greystone as a camp counselor. I miss youth ministry from my twenties.

Well, it turns out God sometimes brings things back to you. This year, for example, I wrote devotional material for campers and staff at Camp Greystone. I wrote to one of the directors that I wish I could just be there.

“You are here!” she wrote to me, referring to those devotionals.

I am there–through my writing. It feels like I’m getting a little bit of that lost season of my life back.

And last night, I returned to my first love–youth ministry–by becoming a parent volunteer with the middle school ministry at my church. My oldest asked me to. She’s in 6th grade and still thinks I’m cool.

So there I am, leading my favorite games, serving snacks, dancing to worship songs, and slapping high-fives all around just like I was twenty-two.

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling twenty-two.

Sometimes, it all comes back again.



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