Bringing Back the Best Autumn Craft

It’s acorn season! My youngest gathers a bowl of them, and she brings out her old nail polish for our Super Cool and Easy Autumn Craft . She loves this activity. She remembered it from last year!

I store her painted acorns (from this year and last) to display in a little bowl as part of our table centerpiece.

This year, she’s adding some flair in the form of glitter hearts and polka-dots. Go for it!

I note that the crafts you think they won’t remember are the very ones they bring back year after year as family traditions. What I thought was just one fun afternoon last year now marks the beginning of a new season. Painting acorns with our old nail polish just might become a generational tradition.

You never know what children latch on to and make meaning and memories from. I like to remember that living with flair means memory-making and traditions from simple little things: acorns and nail polish.


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