The Shore Tells the Truth

I’m kayaking with my daughter, and we’re way behind the others. We just can’t catch up no matter how hard we paddle.

She looks into the waves and remarks that we’re not getting anywhere. From that vantage point–and with the others ahead of us, gaining even more lake–it seems like a true statement.
Lifting our eyes from the waves, we look at the shore parallel to us. All of a sudden, we perceive we’re flying at great speed past lazy Spanish moss-covered trees, boats tied to docks, little cottages, and lawn chairs.
“Keep watching the shore to tell you the truth. We’re traveling so fast!”  We do, and we stay encouraged until the end of our exceedingly long journey. Every time my arms want to give out in discouragement, I look to the shore. 
Once again, I learn what difference where I fix my eyes makes. Yes, I fix my eyes on Jesus, and I know I’m gaining ground. 

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One thought on “The Shore Tells the Truth

  1. Oh I like this one so much! I can relate to the feeling of, )what I used to refer to as 'spinning my wheels', but now will call) 'paddling but getting nowhere'. And I like that it makes me think to not judge my progress by someone else's. It certainly does make a difference where I fix my eyes – thank you for these words of wisdom!

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