One Precious Sentence

You know how over the years I’ve prayed for great friendships for my daughters. Well, last night, we arrive at our middle school for orientation, and I find myself so nervous about whether my daughter will find friends. Her homeroom class has no girls from her 5th grade class, and 6th grade suddenly seems overwhelming. Will she find a friend?

Suddenly, out of nowhere, my daughter stands face-to-face with a girl. They claim they know each other but have no idea from where. They never figured it out. Instead, they share information about one another–likes, dislikes, fears, joys–and soon, they stay side-by-side through the whole evening.

This sweet new girl links her arm around my daughter’s arm and whispers in that Anne of Green Gables bosom friend kind of way: “I can just tell we are going to be great friends.”

Excuse me while I get a tissue and cry my eyes out.



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