Beside Still Waters, He Restores My Soul

When I read Psalm 23, I love how God makes us lie down in green pastures.

I think of myself as a small child who just needs a nap. So tired, and yet I won’t rest. So the parent makes it happen, amid the kicking tantrum of one who simply won’t be still.

Oh, it’s this way in me.

If I were to just relax into His care, I wonder what other wonderful and restorative places He’ll make happen because I’ve simply followed His lead into a spacious and still place.

So I walk beside the still waters today and note how long it took to get me here. I also remember that when I leave, there are other still waters ahead–if I follow. I think of how God does whatever it takes–no matter how strange and seemingly painful–to get us to real rest.

White Lake, NC

Ducks on the Lake


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