I Brought Back the Rainbow Hunt for Myself

When my daughters were toddlers and learning their colors, I took them on “Rainbow Hunts” in nature. We’d look for every color–red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet–and pause to acknowledge our finds.

Today, they’re off with friends or involved in their own pursuits, and I find myself wanting to go on a Rainbow Hunt for myself. 

It’s silly, I know. One day, I’ll probably do this with my grandchildren.  I’ll remind them that it’s hard to find orange, but they should keep looking.

Yellow’s not as hard.

The shades of blues and purples bring a particular joy.

This one hid in the blueberry patch.

I finish and then remember the photo I took years ago in the Rocky Mountains with my very old camera. Enjoy!

Rocky Mountain Rainbow, Live with Flair

Enjoy these last days of July!


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