A Ministry of Breakfast

In our family, Grandma’s up before dawn to fry bacon, toast bread, scramble eggs, and put the coffee on. It’s been this way always–at least it seems that way to us.

Her mama before her made sure everybody had the best breakfast. When she grew up, she carried on the breakfast making.

It’s supremely important that the day begins with a glorious breakfast. My children love waking up to the smell of coffee and bacon and warm buttered bread.

This morning, Grandma treats us to an amaretto honey spread on our toast. I stand beside her like I have on these visits for the past thirteen years, learning. She has a certain magic about her. My children insist that her bacon tastes better than anyone else’s and that her eggs have a fluffiness mine simply don’t.

So I stand here, watching and learning. I tell her she has a ministry of breakfast. 

“Well, it’s important,” she says.

It is.

(Fortunately, my husband inherited her flair for all things breakfast. He’s the one up before dawn. I love it! It truly ministers to us all.)

Happy Saturday! I hope you had a glorious breakfast!


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One thought on “A Ministry of Breakfast

  1. “A ministry of breakfast”. Rarely does anyone cook for me but I like this thought of ministering breakfast even when it is only to myself! I usually set the table for myself but now I will see it with new eyes. Thank you!

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