Your Spacious Place

Lately, my oldest has been around so many people in lots of small spaces. As an introvert, she’s feeling distressed, overwhelmed, and in great need of space.

She wants to be alone in a spacious place.

(I think of Psalm 18:19: He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me.)

Spacious: vast in range and scope; generous and broad; ample.

I think about the space she needs both physically and mentally. I think about the space we all need, both physically and mentally. My friend tells me that in her tiny apartment in Brooklyn that she shares with her whole family, she goes on long walks alone every day. Getting space, for her, means walking, but it also might mean reading, writing, cooking, or sitting still on the couch.

Blogging, believe it or not, is my spacious place. My garden, too. My cutting board, my book on my bedside table, my conversations with my husband, my purring cat—these bring me space.

Today I realize our need for spacious places. We asking God to bring us there–both physically and mentally.

How do you find spacious places?


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